Our eco-friendly battery lighting fixtures...

Eco-friendly battery lighting fixtures

Whatever the style of lighting fixture that you are looking to incorporate into your living space, the model of your choice can now provide lighting exactly where you want it thanks to innovative designs from our Research and Development department: an integrated battery with a lifespan 10 times longer than those currently available on the market.


Rechargeable mobile lighting fixtures are highly practical and offer a number of advantages. The light can be placed and moved to wherever you desire in your interior, without any cables or plugs. Our mobile LED lighting fixtures are fitted with a battery with a daily use lifespan of 10 years! This greatly exceeds the lifespan of other mobile battery-powered lighting futures currently available on the market. Owing to the fact that battery powered lighting fixtures require no bulky wires, they are a practical solution for restaurant tables, bedside tables and reception desks. For a softer diffusion of light, the intensity can be varied thereby increasing autonomy. The lighting fixture is recharged simply by placing it on its induction charging station.


Opting for our rechargeable mobile lighting fixtures will enable you to reduce your ecological impact. The lifespan of our state of the art lighting fixtures reduces the quantity of recycled batteries by 90%.


If you are considering mobile lighting fixtures for your interiors, we will be happy to advise you on usability depending on your chosen model.

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